Sunday, April 10, 2011

GoPro & CNC

After disappointing video quality with the KX191 camera (the best video that I could record was about 1.5 FPS), I purchased a GoPro HD helmet cam. This little cam supports video out and 1080p HD recording.
I cut the audio out of the composite cable (leaving just the video to the transmitter) I soldered the video signal and ground wires into the transmitter's harness. Now the GoPro records HD video and streams lower quality video back to the laptop. Todays flight is uploading right now but since it is HD its going to take a while... should be done by the morning.

I also used the CNC machine at school to route channels to lay the video and motor cables in so that they are not dangling out in the open anymore. I think it gives the plane a cleaner look. By the way, this is a good example of how NOT to setup a CNC machine.
duct tape and 2x4s-how NOT to setup a CNC machine


  1. I should set up my CNC like that tomorrow just to see the look on my boss's face!

  2. The plant manager at my work is planning on getting a GoPro HD for his drag racing car. I'm getting a Sony HD camera myself but I wish it had the wide angle lens like the one on the GoPro.

  3. haha i didnt even write a program for it. i just used the controls to use it as a fancy dremmel.

    i like it but reading on some of the flying forums some people dont because they say it makes it hard to fly. i say it pretty good. the first camera i put on it was really weird. it was almost impossible to judge distances and everythign look farther away than what they were (not what you want when flying near trees, power lines ect..)