Friday, April 8, 2011

FPV VIDEO-sort of

I still have not downloaded a program that can record the video while showing it in the GCS and a screen recorder (would be nice because it would also record instruments) drops the frame rate of the the video, so that's out. My dad took this on his iPhone and while its not a full recorder it shows what I see when I'm flying.

I am disappointed with the resolution of the camera and after putting it on a regular TV I think the converter is hurting the quality. I am going to keep an eye out on craigslist for a cheap flat screen TV about 20" that has inputs and outputs so I can hook up a recorder to save the flights, or run it back to the computer and record it that way.

Its looking a little cobbed together... I think its time to put it on the CNC machine and hide some cables


I put the camera and transmitter on velcro so they can be moved forward and backwards to balance the plane.

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