Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The batteries are in and everything is hooked up and working so its time for gluing. Before that I milled some  foam out of the fuselage so the battery could get closer to the center of gravity.  Once everything was together and set, my dad and I put the servos and servo wire tubes into the fuselage.  After I reversed some channels on the 7C it is ready for flight.  The APM has several different modes that it can fly in: Manual, Stabilize, Loiter, Return To Launch (RTL) and Auto are the ones I will be using but it also has two Fly By Wire modes as well.  Because I want to use more than three modes (limited by the 3 position switch on the radio) and mixing switches is not possible on the 7C, I opted to put them on the flap knob.  To index the modes on the knob I set a piece of paper on it and noted where the modes changed, then I took a picture and drew it scale in AutoCAD.  Now I can accurately select my five modes ( of six possible). 
Had a problem with one servo though. When I glued it, the glue went into the servo through a small crack and stuck two gear together.  After taking the servo apart I was relieved to find that the lubricant on the gears prevented it from bonding to the gears themselves.  After cleaning the glue off the servo now works fine.


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